This Week’s Cutouts

A dozen high quality cutout photos have just landed in our library for you to download for free.  Click on the thumbs below for the full size images (each link opens in a new window).

White VW Bus Girl in Kayak African Elephant
People in Kimonos Leather-bound Books Sitting and Laughing
French Press  Young People Back View  LA Bus
Texting Photographer Cyclist Yellow Shirt Toyota Taxi

Multivariate Testing – Ezoic Website Improvement Platform Review

If you can read this, then you are a part of the experiment. Let me explain- whether you are on a desktop or mobile device, you are viewing a website layout. The design may have various menus and an arrangement of links and other navigation; you may find it helpful and pleasant or distracting and ugly. If you leave this site, or continue to read other posts, or return to the main image library, you are providing direct feedback on how this layout is performing. This is the concept behind the Ezoic website improvement platform. Continue reading


Immediate Cutouts featured in Foster’s Apple Headquarters

I have another Immediate Entourage sighting for you. This is a BIG ONE. You will recall recently I posted about how the Film Theorists used one of our cutouts prominently in an recent video (albeit modified to fit their hilarious bobble-head Anastasia Steele), well this one is a sighting in architectural renderings from one of the most famous architects in the world for a new corporate center for arguably the biggest company in the world. I am talking of course about Foster + Partners design for the new Apple Campus in Cupertino:


The Apple mothership has landed; construction costs are estimated to be five billion dollars.

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Fifty Shades of Entourage

The Film Theorist’s 50 Shades of Grey Cult Theory

I don’t subscribe to a lot of youtube channels. In my own humble opinion, youtube-ing can be a tempting time-suck. Have you ever been home clicking around for a while, and suddenly find yourself in the “weird part of youtube”? I know I’ve hit the bottom when I’m listening to the “mysterious deep ocean bloop” for the hundredth time. But it’s not all bad. Enter: Game Theory.
Some time last fall I came across The Game Theorists, a YouTube channel written and hosted by a guy who goes by MatPat. This native Ohioan with a unique theater and science background dives into the weirder real-life physics and story theories in a multitude of video game universes. Sound strange? Here’s two theories he provides evidence of and makes a case for in his show: Continue reading

Ten Real-life Buildings straight out of Star Wars

-with commentary from Chewbacca

I recently came across Star Wars: The Blueprints, a great eye-candy book curated by prolific Star Wars author, J. W. Renzler. It contains over 250 drawings of early concept work to finished set construction of the many memorable interiors and built environments. This book of architectural drawings, combined with the premiere of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, has prompted me to collect some IRL (in real life) construction projects to serve as inspiration to you. As you will see, there are some designs which deliberately borrow from the franchises’ fictional architecture, although most left me wondering if they are a more accidental case of life imitating art. Look for the parallels to all kinds of sci-fi structures from the senate building on Coruscant, the galactic capital, to Luke’s desert home on Tatooine. At the very least enjoy this list of the spectacular structures inspired by the Star Wars Saga, and as promised everyone’s favorite wookie will add his thoughts on each project.

1. Lucasfilm HQ, Singapore

Lucasfilm HQ, Singapore

Barely two years old, the Lucasfilm Headquarters have an obvious resemblance to the Jawa Sandcrawler. Unlike other buildings, this one flaunts an exterior made entirely of multi-layered glass. Architect Andrew Bromberg of AEDAS ensured that each occupant receives as much privacy as possible by using low iron glass over a metallic layer, giving a chrome appearance that blurs the view into the building. The great thing about the Lucasfilm HQ is that they went all out on the Star Wars theme. Even the interior lobbies mimic a ship’s airlock.  Visit AEDAS’ project page for more. Continue reading